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Title: CV Personal Profile Example for Graduate
Post by: Job Hunter on May 02, 2014, 09:06:40 am
It is important to make sure that your personal profile summarises your skills and what you can offer to a potential employer as a Graduate. It's important to detail any work experience you may have had combined with your degree course and highlighting how this could be of interest to the company that you are applying for.

If you are looking for an example of a personal profile a graduate would use, please see the below which you can use as a guide:

: CV Tips (

Personal Profile Example for Graduate CV

I am a BA (Hons)/BSc Graduate in (what subject) (if you have a good degree result it would be worth mentioning that too). I have always had a keen interest in (the subject that you have studied and hoping to work in) and feel that I am enthusiastic towards this (subject/topic).

I work in a professional and mature manner, I like to ensure I listen as well as communicate with my colleagues and peers and like to take my time and be thorough in my work.  I pay great attention to detail, I enjoy to learn new skills and I am keen to develop my career for both myself and the company that I work for.

I am very eager to do well in my career choice and have studied hard to achieve my degree. I like to work hard and put great effort into everything that I do.  I did (a placement year or work experience) directly related to my degree and enjoyed working as part of a team as well as working on projects on my own initiative. Working in this area gave me a great insight into the world of (what subject/topic).
I am hoping to work in (what area) and understand that I still have a lot to learn as a Graduate but I am very keen to do this and hope that with my work experience and degree combined that I have a good starting place to be successful and establish a  career in (what subject/topic).