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Title: Customer Service CV Personal Statement Examples
Post by: Job Hunter on May 02, 2014, 09:23:17 am
If you are in a Customer Service role or seeking a new customer service role then your personal profile needs to be all about your experience in this area. There are many environments where people work in customer services and you need to make sure that you set yourself apart from the others and have slightly different skills.
To see an example personal profile, please see the below example you can use as a guide:

CV Personal Profile Example for Customer Service

I have X years experience of working in a Customer Service/Relations environment and I feel that throughout the years I have perfected my communication skills and ways of dealing with customers. I enjoy the variety of working with customers and I thrive on the challenges that this also brings when dealing with difficult customers or difficult situations such as complaints, returns when not warranted etc.

I like to work in a methodical and organised manner through using lists and keeping accurate records and logs so that I know where I am up to with my calls and customers and who I need to get back to and by what date etc. I think giving good customer service is very important and I like to ensure that I listen to my customer's needs and requirements as well as being able to fulfil my duties as a Customer Service Assistant.

I am professional in my work, I pay great attention to detail and I remain calm and structured in my approach to my customers. I have gained enough experience to be able to deal with complaints and problem cases and I remain enthusiastic at all times.
I am now seeking more responsibility and feel that I am at a point where I can manage more customer accounts or manage a team of assistants and I am eager to continue progressing my career within customer services which I enjoy. I have achieved (any customer service awards internally or courses or anything that you are proud of).