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Title: Interview help for Assistant Techinal Officer
Post by: melainee32 on October 20, 2019, 08:01:12 pm
Hi everyone,

I have a job interview for a Pharmacy Assistant Technical Officer and I am desperately looking for some help please.

In the email offering me an interview, it says that as part of the interview there will be a 5 minute dispensing assessment.

Now I can't dispense, and in the job application it wasn't stated anywhere that you had to be able to dispense in order to get this job.

I am wondering if anyone can help me with regards to this, in terms of what this assessment will entail at all?
The interview is in 2 weeks and I really am stuck with this, i've researched about potential dispensing training or anything that could help me practice for this assessment, but i can't see anything of use at all.

If I don't get anywhere by the end of this week then I will have to email and let them know that i can't dispense and whether i should turn up to the interview based on this. Because there's no way I am going to this interview knowing that i will be asked to do an assessment on something which i have had no practice in, so i would therefore be completely useless at it and it would be a huge embarrassment.

It is kind of annoying though, because like i was saying, nowhere in the job application process did it mention anything about having dispensing experience. I wish they had said in the application so i wouldn't have wasted my time applying when i will have no chance of getting the job based on this assessment.

Any help or advice on this issue would be much appreciated, thanks