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Interview Advice / Interview help for Assistant T...
Last post by melainee32 - Today at 08:01:12 pm
Hi everyone,

I have a job interview for a Pharmacy Assistant Technical Officer and I am desperately looking for some help please.

In the email offering me an interview, it says that as part of the interview there will be a 5 minute dispensing assessment.

Now I can't dispense, and in the job application it wasn't stated anywhere that you had to be able to dispense in order to get this job.

I am wondering if anyone can help me with regards to this, in terms of what this assessment will entail at all?
The interview is in 2 weeks and I really am stuck with this, i've researched about potential dispensing training or anything that could help me practice for this assessment, but i can't see anything of use at all.

If I don't get anywhere by the end of this week then I will have to email and let them know that i can't dispense and whether i should turn up to the interview based on this. Because there's no way I am going to this interview knowing that i will be asked to do an assessment on something which i have had no practice in, so i would therefore be completely useless at it and it would be a huge embarrassment.

It is kind of annoying though, because like i was saying, nowhere in the job application process did it mention anything about having dispensing experience. I wish they had said in the application so i wouldn't have wasted my time applying when i will have no chance of getting the job based on this assessment.

Any help or advice on this issue would be much appreciated, thanks
Interview Advice / Job İnterview tommorow at Ted ...
Last post by melainee32 - Today at 07:58:13 pm
İ've just got call for an İnterview at Ted Baker for Sales Advisor role (permanent) I urgently need outfit idea and i don't know what to expect.

Please can people share with me there ideas that would be suitable.
Interview Advice / Itsu Interview advice - tips
Last post by melainee32 - Today at 07:56:13 pm
What should I wear? Smart and casual or a suit? The interviews I have been before in retail, most people were wearing smart/casual clothes and I was usually the only one wearing a suit.

What sort of questions will they ask?
Interview Advice / iceland job interview
Last post by seann34 - Today at 07:54:14 pm
Got a First Stage Interview at Iceland soon for role of Retail Assistant. Anyone know what to expect and how many stages is the recruitment process please?

Any interview question you might think of I should be prepared?

Interview Advice / What happens during the Next j...
Last post by seann23 - Today at 07:47:55 pm
So I applied for Christmas temp as sales consultant and also stockroom assistant and I got a call and email for interview/assessment for both the jobs. Personally I prefer stockroom assistant but i'll take whatever I get at this point. What will happen during the interview/assessment? What should I wear for the interview? Is it ok to wear something casual? Also, how much do they pay? I'm 22.
Interview Advice / Civil Service Job Interview - ...
Last post by seann23 - Today at 07:45:24 pm
As stated above, the role that I have been offered an interview for is an AO position in the Health and Safety Executive. 

Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Has anyone had a Civil Service interview before and can help?
Interview Advice / Home Bargains interview help
Last post by seann23 - Today at 07:43:20 pm
Hi all,

I have an interview with Home Bargains on next Thursday. Has anyone had an interview with Home Bargains recently?

What kind of interview questions I may likely to be asked during my job interview?

I am not nervous but would like to be prepared.

Interview Advice / Interview for an Animal Techni...
Last post by mendyyt45 - Today at 07:28:25 pm
I have an interview booked for next week for the position of a p/t animal technician. I was obviously having a bit of a blonde day when I applied as it didn't even occur to me that it would be looking after animals that are to be used in research.

I do desperately need a job but this feels like I'd be selling my soul to the devil. I used to work in a vets and have had little rats etc as pets so this doesn't sit easy with me at all.

Does anybody have any experience of what this role actually entails? Further details aren't being given to us until the actual interview and I'm now quite concerned that it's going to involve more than cleaning out and feeding the poor little mites.

Interview Advice / NHS Admin Interview!
Last post by clararara23 - Today at 07:26:53 pm
Hi everyone,

I have an interview coming up for a position with the NHS as an NHS Staff Bank Resource Coordinator.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with what to expect at the interview?

Basically, the job involves responding to requests from various wards when extra staff is needed and when NHS Staff Bank members are looking for extra work. I'd also be responsible for processing pay and other general administrative duties.

All I know is that I'll take part in a short proficiency test after the interview questions to demonstrate my keyboard and telephone skills.

Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Interview Advice / Is it OK to wear knee high boo...
Last post by clararara23 - Today at 07:24:21 pm
Smart black ones with a low heel - not tarty or casual. I know it's going to be wet out and they're the only things I have that are both smart and weather appropriate (and I can't walk in heels!) - I'd be wearing them with a smart almost-knee-length dress, tights and a blazer.
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